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Defining performance in high definition

Our philosophy - Pulse iQ is about one thing only: Enabling Performance in high definition. Thus, we believe that the true objective of Business Intelligence is not to measure but to Transform. For us Performance Management is not about numbers or charts but ultimately about helping clients achieve tangible business results.


Our resources successfully architected largest known global Business Intelligence initiative, and created and published countless BI tools in localized languages across six continents. We stand out in the crowd because we are primarily business resources aimed at enabling business objectives rather than technical resources implementing technical tools.


Our clients: Our audience includes CXOs. Directors, and Sales organizations.

we have served clients on five continents. Our current clients include:

a. For Profit – Largest multinational IT firms, as well as midsize and small firms
b. Non Profit – Multinational and local


What we offer you:

  • We tell your story
  • Actionable insights instead of conjecture to support your decision-making process
  • Real time visibility of your business performance, anytime, anywhere
  • Cutting edge BI tools and processes
  • Predictive capabilities based on statistical analytics
  • Early warning systems to alert you when risks arise
  • What-if analysis at your fingertips
  • Clear linkages between your strategic objectives and your energy
  • 360 degree view of your business
  • Dynamic visualizations of your data instead of static spreadsheets
  • Early risk mitigation capabilities
  • Drill down capabilities into root causes
  • Increased sales and productivity
  • Agility by fully understanding and managing your business levers.
  • Quick return on investment

Our credentials:

  • Heavy Business Intelligence with largest multinational IT firms
  • Proven results for global non-profits
  • Supported CXOs of multinational
  • Board level experience in strategic planning and analysis for $19B+ in annual revenue
  • Led Global Planning and Analysis for $15B revenue base…
  • Led financial re-engineering of global IT firm…
  • Created BI Infrastructure with standard management reports for $21B business
  • Created Strategic Business Planning consulting methodology at top IT company
  • Created countless Intellectual Property tools and processes
  • Leader with cutting-edge Business Intelligence processes and technologies

In summary, we stand apart from the crowd, because our focus in not just on Business Intelligence – the what -, but more importantly on Business Analytics – the why. Only once the 'why' is understood, can a corrective action course be charted. Thus, we exist to enable your performance in high definition.


Why Choose Us

  • 1 Pulse iQ gives you an “aha”

    moment when you look at your data.

  • 2 We help you see not just

    “what” happened, but “why” it happened and “how” to fix it.

  • 3 Our focus is not merely reporting,

    but sharpening and optimizing your performance.


  • We’ve spent a lot of money on BI over the years, but we’ve never had anything like this. This is the first time I’ve seen something this great.
    VP, multinational, London, England
  • I don’t know how I survived before Pulse Analytics®.
    CEO, multinational Non-profit; Johannesburg
  • You went above and beyond.

    Marketing Director; multinational IT firm, US
  • I’ve never seen anything like this before.

    CEO, Large non-profit, US
  • You were able to take some Excel spreadsheets and turn them very expeditiously into something that would change behavior in the company.

    V.P., multinational, London, England