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Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement services are powerful technologies intended to unleash the sales engine. Business calculators offered in this suite, and which are designed to work on multiple platforms, are interactive tools that can help propel marketing and business consulting to the next level. By using factual assumptions, these tools communicate with authority and in a compelling way. At Pulse iQ, we are primarily business people who speak the business language and tell the business story, so we are experts in creating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help articulate the essence value proposition that your offering brings to the table. These tools are used by a sales person via a mobile device with the prospective client or on a projector, or they can be made available for self-service consumption on a website to qualify prospects. These tools are very appealing to prospective clients as they offer a free consulting capability by benchmarking potential clients against industry standards or best-in-class.

Create buzz, turbo-boost sales, perform what-if-analysis in real-time, reduce
time-to-market, decrease costs, accelerate sales cycle, and propel clients to action


The Problems

  • Client needs self-serve tools to conduct self-diagnostics in real time.
  • I need to measure vital business signs and conduct what-if analysis based on Benchmark.
  • I need to turbo-boost my marketing efforts and articulate my product or offering story more effectively.
  • I need to capture the salient knowledge of my technical team in a tool that my sales team can use.
  • I need to provide my sales team with cutting-edge business tools that tell the offering story in a creative and compelling way in order to increase sales.
  • I need to communicate my new or existing offering in a creative and non-threatening way.
  • I need to quickly show potential clients the revenue or profitability impact that my offering could have on their business.
  • I need to give potential clients an incentive, in way of free benchmarking, to evaluate my product/offering.
  • I need to provide my clients with a self-diagnostic tool to help them identify opportunities to increase their revenues or profitability or optimize processes.
  • I need to produce a proposal on-the-go and in real-time.
  • I need to budget income or costs on-the-go and in real-time.

The Solutions

Offering Value Calculators

ROI calculators provide prospective customers with estimated tangible savings or increased income they could reap if they were to use offering.


Diagnostic Tools


These tools which are often-used as self-serve, help assess a client's performance holistically across multiple processes and disciplines in order to enable strategic transformations. Whereas Sales Enablement tools are generally concerned with a single offering, Consultative tools look at a broader scope regarding multiple potential offerins and often provide a roadmap in order for the client to achieve the maximum impact.


Budget Estimators

These tools provide staff with the ability to estimate income or costs, adjust budgets, or issue proposals in real-time. These tools enable firms to reduce SG&A costs, increase sales productivity, and improve the operational and business process efficiency.