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Pulse Analytics® | Problem2Solution

“I don’t know how I survived before using Pulse Analytics™.”
CEO, Christian non-profit, South Africa

The Problem

Many organizations fail to truly measure performance.  If they do, they typically spend hours to manually producing reports, leading to sporadic production of the reports.  Needless to say, this time could be better spent on value added activities such as increasing revenues, improving quality, or optimizing operations, instead of data crunching.

The executives of these organizations– whether for-profit or non-profit – often lack timely, meaningful, and actionable reports that are catered to their needs.  They need to see the story succinctly at a macro level, yet with the ability to drill-down into the data in real-time and find out more if they so desire.  They are often times inundated with operational data that does not ask the right questions or speak their language.  Albert Einstein said, "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."  This is so true in the case of executives, as they are often not provided with the right metrics that provide answers to the issues that matter to them most and keep them up at night.  The issue of timeliness of reports also plagues executives, as they need to be plugged in to the pulse of their operations in real time.  Consequently, they are provided with data post mortem instead of in real time.  As a result, executives often make important decisions based on erroneous data and false assumptions.  Additionally, many organizations lack the analytics prowess to identify and measure the true drivers of performance.


The Solution

Pulse Analytics® uses Performance Triangle©, a proprietary inter-related holistic model to enable performance in high definition. The model includes out of the box cutting-edge Board level reports, as well as Operational reports. Reports are across three perspectives: income streams, donor health, and Campaign ROI. Pulse Analytics® simply put gives an organization the ability to see more clearly and thus focus on mission-critical activities; resulting in optimal operational performance for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.  One more plus…Pulse Analytics® uses a secure cloud-based delivery model; therefore, reports are available anytime, anywhere.

Since the beginning, Pulse iQ has provided the best and most advanced tools available in the marketplace to both the top global IT firms, including SAP, Cisco, Intel, HP, etc… as well as global Christian non-profit organizations. As an example, the following results were accomplished through the engagement and implementation of Pulse Analytics® for a non-profit organization.*

  • 30% increase in active donors
  • 19% increase in income growth
  • 16% decrease in lapsed donors
  • 77% increase in ROI

*[past performance is no guarantee of future performance]

Non-Profit Executives

Here are some sample questions for a non-profit executive to think about for both his board and himself.  Hint:  If you can’t answer each question with solid data to back up your answer…you need to contact Pulse iQ.

  • How are financial indicators trending?
  • How is my active donor file performing?
  • Are we lapsing donors?
  • Are we gaining new donors?
  • Are we unlapsing donors?
  • Is our donor migration strategy working?
  • Is the average gift size increasing?

For-Profit Executives

Here are some sample questions for a for-profit executive to think about for his board, stockholders and himself.  Hint:  If you can’t answer each question with solid data to back up your answer…you need to contact Pulse iQ.

  • What are my income trend lines by segments?
  • Which are my most profitable business segments?
  • Which are the least profitable business segments?
  • Are overhead costs increasing or decreasing as percent of revenue?
  • What do the balanced scorecards look like for various operational VPs?
  • Who are my top performing, and money-losing clients?
  • How do we measure on quality?  

Why settle for standard vision when you can sharpen your performance in high definition?