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Major Donor Insight | Problem2Solution

“I don’t know how I survived before using Pulse Analytics®.”
CEO, Christian non-profit, South Africa

The Problem

Most non-profit organizations do not converge data, and as a result they are not aware of the dormant potential they have in their databases. This contributes to a huge opportunity cost as they may have hundreds of donors in their databases who have only given small gifts, but who together have the capacity to give multi-million dollar donations.  It’s a travesty that non-profit organizations are not aware of the huge potential they could have if only they tapped into the power of analytics to identify their hidden potential. 

The Solution

Major Donor Insights enables firms to utilize Location-Intelligence to identify potential major donors in their database based on any given criteria and to be able to drill-down into their data in real-time.  Users are able to answer the following questions, not by chance but with cold hard facts:

  • Do I have any hidden major donor gems in my database who have not yet given a major gift?
  • What is the best geographical location to hold a major donor event?
  • How many potential donors do I have with a capacity to give $1M donation?
  • Who are those donors?
  • Can I view my potential major donors by propensity and capacity?


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