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Geo iQ | Problem2Solution

“We’ve spent a lot of money on BI over the years, but we’ve never had anything like this.”
Large multinational S&P 500 company

The Problem

Many firms do not leverage Location-Intelligence in their decision-making but instead, only use flat, single-dimensional Business Intelligence data.  Firms that do take advantage of Location-Intelligence, often collect and analyze Market Intelligence data manually in an error-prone manner.   Not fully leveraging Location-Intelligence often results in a low ROI.

The Solution

Geo iQ enables firms to use Location-Intelligence tools to answer the following questions, not by chance but with cold hard facts:

  • Where is my client or donor base geographically dispersed?
  • What are my top ten zip codes?
  • Where are my assets in relation to my donors?
  • Which counties, cities, or zip codes offer me the highest ROI?
  • Which counties, cities, or zip codes offer me the lowest ROI?
  • Which is my fastest emerging region?
  • Which of my geographical regions has the highest income per capita?
  • What is my market penetration in each region?


Why settle for standard vision when you can sharpen your performance in high definition?

Geographical Intelligence: Interactive heat maps provide clients with actionable insights on how to get the higher returns on investment. Being able to answer meaningful questions quickly and effectively enables organizations to make informed decisions.