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Custom Analysis | Problem2Solution

“You were able to take some Excel spreadsheets and turn them into something that would change behavior in the company.”
Large multinational S&P 500 company

The Problem

Many organizations lack heavy analytical guns.  They may possess the ability to perform basic analytics, but not heavy data mining activities that may require data convergence, heavy statistical models, or regression analysis.  Also, organizational resources may be victims of groupthink – when many people go along with a decision or a mindset out of fear of contradicting someone in authority, or stirring the pot.  Organizations who need heavy external firepower may not have the big budgets that go along with it, but they want top gun analytics at a reasonable cost they can afford. 

The Solution

Custom or Deep Dive Analytics are performed as requested by the client.  They flood light into the decision-making process, help differentiate fact from fiction, and outline a clear path to optimizing ROI.  These reports are often used to link up disparate data points from various data sources.

The top reasons to ake advantage of Pulse iQ's  Custom Analysis are as follows:

  • Top Gun - Pulse iQ leverages resources with heavy global experience with top technology firms.
  • Fresh thinking – Pulse iQ resources are not subject to the client’s groupthink, but will look at data objectively.
  • Affordability – Pulse iQ brings in the heavy firepower, without the heavy budget.

Below are custom questions that clients requested a deep dive into:

  • Are there any trends that show increased giving based on number of years a donor gives?
  • How can we increase donor retention?
  • Segment major donor population and provide donor group with greatest opportunity.
  • How can we double our ROI?
  • What is the smartest way to increase our income?
  • Are donors more loyal when they give to multiple buckets?
  • How many lapsed donors are “off and on” donors from one year to the next?  What can we learn about those donors?

Why settle for standard vision when you can sharpen your performance in high definition?