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Operational Pulse

Operational Pulse are services intended for Operational staff in order to optimize operational performance. The old adage "you manage what you measure" highlights a weakness in the armor of many organizations. By not asking the right questions, organizations measure with an incomplete data set, resulting in managing the wrong things at the wrong time and often leading to disastrous results – even with the best analytical tools available on the market. Pulse iQ brings together the perfect marriage of a discovery process to find pertinent data hidden and/or discounted as irrelevant to business decisions; along with second-to-none analytic tools used by Fortune 100 companies and Non-Profit organizations throughout the world. Welcome to the world of Operational Pulse where we enable actionable insights that lead to optimal performance. The suite of services with best-in-class capability is results-oriented, not measurement-oriented.

Why settle for standard vision when you can see in high definition?

Pulse Analytics®

Pulse Analytics® is a best-in-class reporting capability that exists to maximize operational performance, by helping organizations see more clearly and thus focus on mission-critical activities. Pulse Analytics® is more than just standard data. It has the power to drive higher business performance. It provides a sharper and more clearly defined picture of the organization.


Interactive heat maps provide clients with actionable insights on how to get the higher returns on investment. Heat Map models incorporate alerts in order to quickly highlight strengths and weaknesses. Integrating alpha-numeric content with visual content and alerts begins to inform understanding and thus decision-making to new levels.

Major Donor Insight

Non-profits are often sitting on untapped gold mines in their databases as Major Donors are neither identified nor targeted. Intelligently mapping the client's donor database against WealthEngines database will help uncover this previously hidden potential. Users will be able to seamlessly query the database in real time on a set of given criteria and identify the number and potential of Major Donors on an active map in real time.

Custom Analysis

Custom or Deep Dive Analytics are a custom-analysis as requested by the client. They flood light into the decision-making process, help differentiate fact from fiction, and outline a clear path to optimizing ROI. These reports often map disparate data points from various data sources.