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ForeSight | Problem2Solution

“You were able to prove it very expeditiously.”
Large multinational S&P 500 company

The Problem

Planning has been defined as predicting what the future should look like, whereas forecasting has been depicted as predicting what the future will look like.  Most organizations lack powerful what-if forecasting models that predict the future impact of decision-making based on factors including historical trend lines as well as the economic climate.  Unfortunately as a result, many executives –whether for profit or non-profit – are not able to make strategic decisions based on factual data. 

“If there are stormy waters ahead, what are you going to do? Batten down the hatches and hope for the best? Or invest in the right navigation equipment, learn how to use it, and plot the smoothest possible course to keep ahead of the pack?”   Source: ClickZ - Sep. 2008


The Solution

ForeSight* is akin to cutting-edge navigation equipment that allow executives to peer into the future.  Executives are able to conduct strategic planning sessions with scenario modeling in real time.  They are afforded the ability to create what-if scenarios simply by moving sliders and dials on the screen.  Bottom line, Foresight is about plotting “the smoothest possible course to keep ahead of the pack.”

Why settle for standard vision when you can sharpen your performance in high definition?