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Executive Pulse | Problem2Solution

"The best vision is insight."
Malcom S Forbes

The Problem

Many firms do not leverage the power of Business Intelligence in their decision-making process. These firms typically use static instead of dynamic reports, with data usually several days to several weeks old. As a result, companies are unable to answer the following questions in real-time:

  • How am I doing against targets?
  • What does my Balanced Scorecard look like?
  • What do various regions and customers benchmark against one another?
  • What does my 360 business snapshot look like right now?
  • Which clients are at the risk of leaving?
  • Who are my top ten clients?
  • Can I see my client snapshot in real time?
  • Which accounts are performing poorly?

The Solution

Executive Dashboards enable you to see clearly in order to improve your business performance. Pulse iQ uses best-in-class human-computer interface design principles to create user-friendly, intuitive dashboards that are aimed at optimizing business results. Below benefits illustrate what Pulse iQ Executive Dashboards can do for you:

  • Quickly identify and correct negative trends
  • Make better-informed business decisions
  • Use interactive visualizations to manage performance
  • Filter out the noise, only identify and measure what truly matters
  • Instantly dive into data to get real-time answers
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Predict performance pitfalls and take early corrective action
  • Quickly identify and manage exceptions
  • Align performance with strategic goals and objectives
  • Diagnose problems and develop action plans faster

Executive Pulse is a best-in-class, Artificial Intelligence decision-making capability that is aimed specifically at optimizing performance. It contains proprietary tools developed and exclusively owned by Pulse iQ, Inc. that provide executives with cutting-edge Business Intelligence. Executive Pulse includes the following proprietary tools:

Fiscal Pulse is a best-in-class capability that provides executives with a performance snapshot in real-time, and in a single page. Since executives are pressed for time, Fiscal Pulse synthesizes performance highlights in an intuitive and user-friendly format. Fiscal Pulseprovides executives with the power to:

  • Instantly understand performance weaknesses and strengths by income channel through stoplighting.
  • See their updated financials in real-time or on a daily basis instead of seeing stale, month-old data.
  • Tap into dynamic and interactive financial data.
  • Customize view in various time dimensions (Month, Year-to-Date, or Full Year).
  • Drill down by income channel to see performance trajectory, and against budget and prior year.

Pulse Playbook is an artificial intelligence (AI) capability that highlights, through a series of algorithms, the top things an organization is excelling in, and the top things an organization is failing in. This is akin to having an unbiased management consultant analyze and interpret your performance data on the spot. In an age where executives are constantly barraged with competing priorities, Pulse Playbook filters through the noise, and points them to the greatest threats and weaknesses their operations are currently facing. In essence, this capability through the use of stubborn factual data, pragmatically reveals the things that require the executive's full attention as well as the areas where performance is already optimized. Pulse Playbookoffers the following features:

  • Reports are available in real-time based on current performance.
  • 3 different views: Initial view shows Top 3 things you're doing right, and Top 3 things (1, 2, and 3) you're doing wrong. In addition, Tier 2 (4, 5, and 6) and Tier 3 (7, 8, and 9) are also available to instantly show the next 3 things in order of importance.
  • May be instantly customized by income channel or for the business as a whole.
  • Analysis highlights performance by CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) for each Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
  • Drill-down to enable users to see performance trajectory - performance acceleration or deceleration.

Income Genome is an interactive what-if tool that simulates how growth may be achieved, based on strategic levers. Income Genome identifies the levers of growth using a proprietary algorithm, and allows executives to conduct what-if scenarios to see the potential tangible impact of their strategies. This powerful strategic engine takes the complexity out of growth and strategic planning and boils it down to its very essence. Income Genomeoffers the following features:

  • Uses real-time live financial data in order to project growth.
  • Strategic view to enable executives to plan their growth strategy at the global level, then operationalize it by income channel.
  • Tactical view that computes how strategies may be most optimally achieved by Retention, Acquisition, Reactivation, Conversion, and Cultivation streams at both the consolidated level and the income stream level.
  • Ability to conduct and save multiple growth scenarios (best, likely, and worst).
  • Trajectory and pie chart of performance by strategic lever.

Donor DNA is an out-of-the-box, revolutionary, and proprietary methodology that allows executives to seamlessly and intuitively interpret the health of the donor file and feel its pulse. Donor DNA illustrates the DNA strands of the donor file at the molecular level with the most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By artfully and vividly depicting performance, this powerful engine enables executives to easily determine what is lagging, and effortlessly pinpoint the weakest link in the donor continuum. This innovative approach provides the most straightforward and perceptive representation of the donor narrative. Donor DNAoffers the following features:

  • Reports are available in real-time based on current performance.
  • Evaluates performance across three different dimensions (30k, 15k, and KPI level).
  • May be instantly customized by income channel or for the business as a whole.
  • Instant interactive drill-down enables users to see performance trajectory by category and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Sandbox which allows users to view any metric across all income categories in order to quickly understand performance drivers.

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