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Executive Dashboards

Executive Dashboards provide an intuitive graphical display of key relevant data across the company in real-time. These dashboards are thoughtfully laid-out in an intuitive design, and often analysis at the summary, regional,and client level in order to enable executives to get a real-time snapshot of the health of the company.


Executive PulseTM| Problem2Solution

“The best vision is insight.”

Malcom S Forbes

The Problem

Many firms do not leverage the power of Business Intelligence in their decision-making process. These firms typically use static instead of dynamic reports, with data usually several daysto several weeks old. As a result, companies are unable to answer the following questions in real-time:

  • How am I doing against targets?
  • What does my Balanced Scorecard look like?
  • What do various regions and customers benchmark against one another?
  • What does my 360 business snapshot look like right now?
  • Which clients are at the risk of leaving?
  • Who are my top ten clients?
  • Can I see my client snapshot in real time?
  • Which accounts are performing poorly?

The Solution

Executive Dashboards enable you to see clearly in order to improve your business performance. Pulse iQ uses best-in-class human-computer interface design principles to create user-friendly, intuitive dashboards that are aimed at optimizing business results. Below benefits illustrate what Pulse iQ Executive Dashboards can do for you:

  • Quickly identify and correct negative trends
  • Make better-informed business decisions
  • Use interactive visualizations to manage performance
  • Filter out the noise, only identify and measure what truly matters
  • Instantly dive into data to get real-time answers
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Predict performance pitfalls and take early corrective action
  • Quickly identify and manage exceptions
  • Align performance with strategic goals and objectives
  • Diagnose problems and develop action plans faster

Below are sample interactive calculators (click to run)

Executive Dashboard

P&L Analysis

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