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ROI Calculators


An ROI Calculator is a custom program designed to turbo-charge sales through thought leadership and innovation. Pulse iQ® has created ROI Calculators for some of the largest multinational firms and translated those calculators into many languages for global marketing initiatives. The program provides salespeople with a powerful source of marketing analytics to quantify for potential customers the impact of a sales offering upon revenues, costs and profits.  

Business growth strategies depend on a number of variables and the one that is at the top of the list is sales results. Sales enablement services bring powerful tools to a company with the ability to access data, align it in appropriate methods and produce marketing analytics that can launch the bottom line in the compelling direction for success.  ROI calculators are at the center of corporate focus, expanding into all company areas, and acting as a great engine to accelerate the sales cycle by getting the conversation off to a great start.  

Pulse iQ® has created the best ROI calculators for use on multiple technology platforms, bringing customer analytics service to a whole new level.  Projecting the value of a marketing offering is as simple as plugging in the data and allowing the client to view the benefits of the investment. This intuitive tool allows the flexibility of altering the conditions under what-if scenarios, creating a pathway to communicate to the client through factual as well as hypothetical assumptions.  

Business analytics services bring value to the prospective client through visual benchmarking and comparison within industry standards. The Pulse iQ® ROI Calculators are best-in-class to empower both the sales department in projection and the client for profit evaluation. The road to successful sales has been addressed with ROI calculators that bring power to the presentation like never before.  Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, both sales and client can participate in an interactive conversation by sliding the scale to visualize the results in real time.

ROI Calculators take the discussion from a hypothetical to a visual tangible impact.                                                                                      

The Problems

  • Need to find creative ways to turbo boost marketing efforts and increase sales
  • Need to articulate my product or offering story more effectively
  • Need an intuitive tool that the sales staff can use to overcome objections and increase win rate
  • Need to capture the salient knowledge of technical team in a tool that my sales team can use
  • Need to provide clients with an incentive to have conversation by way of a free industry benchmark
  • Need for real-time client self-diagnostic tool to help them identify opportunities to increase income or reduce expenses
  • Need to quickly size up client opportunities
  • Need method to visually display the product and offering impact
  • Need for a tool that captures the innate tech team knowledge for use by the sales staff
  • Need for a cutting edge business tool that tells a compelling and creative story
  • Need to communicate the story to the client in a new and creative way
  • Need for a self-diagnostic technology that helps clients identify revenue opportunities
  • Need to conduct ‘what-if’ analysis regarding offering impact in real time
  • Need to become thought leader in industry
  • Need to show clients how offering gets them closer to industry best-in-class

The Solutions

  • Increase sales through proven, innovative solutions
  • Demonstrate thought leadership and answer the client questions using laptop, tablet or mobile app by moving a few sliders to project results
  • Personalize customer analytics that is pertinent to the client’s business, in terms they understand
  • Empower the sales and marketing teams with the best business analytics services
  • Create innovative methods to demonstrate the value of your company’s best marketing offering
  • Empower your team with cutting edge technology, elevating their credibility with prospective clients
  • Allow your sales staff to be the experts on the topic of best business growth strategies for the client
  • Define the outcomes of the ‘best what-if scenarios’ to demonstrate impact of offering on client’s business and profit charts
  • Enable the client and sales staff to work together in an organic way to achieve success through the use of real-time data
  • Explore multiple what if scenarios: best case, most likely, and worst case

The use of the Pulse iQ® ROI Calculators will unleash the power of the sales engine by changing the dynamics of the sales process itself. Reaching for a sales prospect now shifts into achieving the sales closure through the power of tangible savings and increased profitability.  The ROI Calculators are a game-changer in the sales process, addressing the needs of the sales and marketing teams, while enticing the client to the market offering.  ROI Calculators are an effective sales tool for companies of all sizes, from small to multinational. It enables salespeople tell the story of an offering artfully, authoritatively and powerfully.