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Diagnostic Tools

The world wide web is awake 24/7, so why not have it work for you 24/7?  Diagnostic tools are self-help tools that enable clients to trouble-shoot or assess their performance at their own pace anytime, anywhere in order to uncover issues and identify improvement opportunities.  The tools, processes, and techniques Pulse iQ brings to the table are infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is the future of decision-making technologies.

We help you become more successful vis-à-vis your performance, resource utilization, reach, objectives, risk mitigation, etc. Diagnostic tools may be applied across multiple processes and disciplines in order to reduce costs, illustrate thought leadership, increase sales, and enable strategic transformations. The Pulse iQ Diagnostic tools bring a straightforward method to assess performance across multiple platforms in order to identify improvement opportunities, uncover issues, and estimate business growth potentials.

In the twenty first century, Performance Management can no longer be about flat charts for the sake of charts, but it has to be interactive, dynamic, and singularly-focused on improving performance and achieving objectives.  Through the use of diagnostic tools, all parties can participate in an interactive mode, sliding the scale  to visualize the results from extreme ‘what if scenarios’ all the way to the probable and profitable.  


Pulse iQ® Diagnostic tools demonstrate thought leadership, operational excellence, innovation, and business opportunities while reducing cost.


Just A Few Common Problems Addressed with the Diagnostic Tools

  • Need self-serve, real-time diagnostic tools for clients or internal teams
  • Need Knowledge Management tools to capture and package salient technical SME knowledge in organization
  • Need to provide innovative business tools to your sales team to boost sales
  • Need for an easy tool to identify opportunities that can increase profits
  • Need for diagnostic tools that can help optimize processes

The Solutions

Pulse iQ Diagnostic tools bring the expertise of business professionals to the table and speak the language of business that customers will understand.  Through the artful use of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you will have the kind of powerful technical tools that can unleash your differentiation and operational excellence.  The roadmap for the business performance is clear ahead as you maximize time and effort. Technology at its finest, the Diagnostic tools bring an answer to your support endeavors.

Blend the additional Business Calculators as an interactive tool to catapult marketing efforts into the next zone. This tool set is designed to impress the prospective client with the option to offer a benchmark by best in class or industry standards. The combination of these brilliant technologies gives the support or sales teams a cutting edge far above the rest.  Business performance requires efficient and fast marketing analytics.  Pulse iQ Diagnostic tools expands the horizons of the technical support or sales process from the dusty single search approach to a customized, dynamic, real-time and innovative experience.  Benefits include:

  • Real-time self-diagnostics 
  • Audit and optimize business processes
  • Create efficient support processes and reduce costs
  • Self-assess vital business signs against industry benchmarks
  • Identify potential business opportunities
  • Create differentiation and thought leadership around operational excellence
  • Encases the knowledge of our experienced technical team
  • Show clients gaps with best-in-class and offer solutions to close gap

Diagnostic Tools


These tools which are often-used as self-serve, help assess a client's performance holistically across multiple processes and disciplines in order to enable strategic transformations. Whereas Sales Enablement tools are generally concerned with a single offering, Consultative tools look at a broader scope regarding multiple potential offerings and often provide a roadmap in order for the client to achieve the maximum impact.