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Budget Estimators & Costing Tools

The ability to have quality projections is a key success factor in business.  Pulse iQ® leverages the best business analytics services to address the need for real time data efficiencies.  Budget Estimator and Costing Tools make use of current and historical information, providing the interactive tools to staff and management to estimate costs, income potential, evaluate the data for real time proposals all the way to budget adjustments. In a matter of minutes each segment of your business can be analyzed to preview the best courses of action and pursue the most profitable paths. Data can then be instantly summarized on the best real time dashboards.  Users are able to collaborate in real time by adjusting budgets or outlooks regarding SG&A costs, business operations efficiency or sales productivity.  Innovation in business requires concentric focus on each of the business variables that can determine outcome and success, combined with fast reactions on every level. The use of real-time data empowers a company to move better, faster, and cheaper.  Companies that have nimble and agile processes can outsmart their competition while decreasing costs.  Budget Estimator & Costing Tools bring the power of your data so that it is at your disposal for examination, analysis and forward thinking action.   

Real time costing tools can accelerate the sales cycle while reducing time-to-market.


The Problems

  • Need ways to accelerate the sales process in order to close sales faster
  • Need to provide client with a proposal in real time
  • Need to build a cross-departmental business plan in real time
  • Need to be able to capture clients’ costing assumptions in real time
  • Need to conduct client due diligence in real time

The Solutions

Transform your business through the use of innovative, real-time tools that embed effectiveness and efficiency in your processes.  Real-time dashboards enable you to slice and dice data in order to achieve your business objectives.  Pulse iQ® has set the standards for innovation in business tool effectiveness, efficiency and User Interface (UI).  We bring your business the ability to develop a comprehensive budget with real time accuracy, unlocking the full power of business performance management.  Below are some of the benefits that you can look forward to:  

  • Create a Statement of Work (SOW) with costing in real time for clients
  • Provide the ability to create and upload budgets in real time to various departments
  • Quickly consolidate business plans and budgets from various departments
  • Ability to capture client assumptions in real time
  • Produce ad hoc proposals in real time
  • Ad hoc budget cost estimates and income analysis

Budget Estimators & Costing Tools

These tools provide staff with the ability to estimate income or costs, adjust budgets, or issue proposals in real-time. These tools enable firms to reduce SG&A costs, increase sales productivity, and improve the operational and business process efficiency.