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“In God we trust, all others must bring data.”
W Edwards Deming 

“What gets measured, gets managed.”

Peter Drucker

The Problem

The concept of Stewardship goes well beyond currency or generosity and encompasses all assets including time, talent and resources.  Stewardship is not just about what we give, but also, about how well we manage what we keep.  It’s about maximizing the return on both tangible and intangible assets by accomplishing the most with what we have.  Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, working smart is not enough, but firstly we must focus on the right things, then do those things smartly.

The old adage, you can’t manage what you don’t measure goes into the heart of stewardship.  Churches need to be the model on effective stewardship by reflecting a smart culture of management, accountability and excellence.  In order to be able to gauge both their effectiveness and efficiency, churches must use performance management toolsets such as dashboards to be able to have clear visibility anytime, anywhere over their assets and outputs.

Just as a vehicle's dashboard houses all the gauges and indicators that feed you information as you're driving, a dashboard is a computer application that displays Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics and other vital data in efficient visualizations that communicate both quickly and intuitively. The basic idea behind a real time dashboard is to convey information at a glance and highlight potential or current risks and pitfalls so that surprises are minimized. 

Although many churches produce dashboards to measure vital indicators, however, most do not possess the skills and know how to measure right things in the right way.  Also, reports in churches are often manual, error-prone, and without best-in-class methodology or framework.  

The Solution

Enter Church Pulse, a best-in-class dashboard that is designed to present a top layer with the broadest strategic information and the capability to drill down to tactical and operational details when needed.  At Pulse iQ, we’ve had the privilege of assisting organizations around the world, and we know what to measure and how to tell the story.  Our proven dashboards will give you the ability to gauge your stewardship better, faster, and cheaper while promoting a culture of accountability.  We provide you with a holistic approach that sheds light on the church across all corners.  The best analytical performance management tools that were traditionally out of reach for churches and which previously required tedious manual processes making marketing analytics almost impossible are now available for churches.  At Pulse iQ, we offer the best church dashboards in order to provide church leaders with the information they need to be the best stewards they be. 

The concept of a church stewardship must include a bespoke dashboard or Clergy dashboard to bring accountability and business performance management principles into focus.  We incorporate the past and present into Church Pulse while also providing a purview into the future.  We take the guesswork out of the equation, to bring clarity of direction, sustainability, and viability.  We show church leaders what’s working and what’s broken so that decisions can be made to right the ship where appropriate.

Church Pulse brings twenty first century technology to the world of the non-profit, and gives church leaders actionable insights in order to optimize results and manage risk.  Instead of operating in the darkness of conjecture, church leaders can now operate in the light of facts in order to optimize stewardship.  Non-profit analytics via a church dashboard, clergy dashboard or bespoke dashboard is the essence of progress in today’s forward moving non-profit. Dashboard reporting brings time savings elements that were never before experienced in order to improve performance results. The ability to bring to the table Christian non-profit dashboard reporting in the many complex variations, empowers the non-profit with the same business tools that are used by successful companies. From donor increases to trend analysis, the church is now empowered to improve performance with actionable dashboards.

Below are some benefits from Church Pulse:

  • Promotes a culture of accountability and excellence
  • Provides visibility and early warning systems
  • Available 24/7 through mobile platforms
  • Highlights problems early, sometimes before they arise
  • Tracks performance in real time (e.g. budgets, tithes, etc.)
  • Reports attendance (e.g. services, Sunday Schools, Bible studies, etc.)
  • Reports on progress of various funding campaigns
  • Provides benchmarks and projections
  • Saves you time, money, and headaches 
  • Uses qualitative and quantitative metrics in order to tell the whole story
  • Evaluates performance holistically through various perspectives including Financial, Learning and Growth, Process, and Constituents