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Executive Dashboard and Pulse

Executive Pulse services are intended to the CXO audience, and are intended to empower their decision-making with facts. instead of conjecture. Many CXOs simply want to know if they had a good day or a bad day yesterday, but they lack real-time tools that instantly provide them with the business pulse.

Executive Pulse are powerful technologies that enable executives to fully tap into the power of information in order to identify fires early, continually transform their business, and develop winning strategies.

“Data is what distinguishes the dilettante from the artist.”

George V. Higgins     


ePulseTM Dashboards provide an intuitive graphical display of key relevant data across the company in real time. These dashboards are thoughtfully laid-out in an intuitive design, and often analysis at the summary, regional, and client level in order to enable executives to get a real time snapshot of the health of the company.



Pulse Insights


Pulse Insights is akin to a physical exam, as it holistically analyzes the vital signs of your organization and provides a strategic path for a healthy outcome. Pulse Insights is a best-in-class, strategic, results-oriented, and unbiased health analysis of your organization that provides eye-opening insights into the driving forces of your operations. It employs leading-edge quantitative and statistical analysis as well as predictive modeling, in order to help achieve your objectives and enable strategic transformations.


Church Pulse

Stewardship requires an effective and efficient management of resources.  Church Pulse is a holistic best-in-class dashboard that provides pastoral leadership with the state of the church at a glance.  Church Pulse promotes a culture of excellence and accountability and provides a comprehensive scorecard of the church.  It also highlights potential risks early and provides performance projections.